I think a lot about what makes a great wardrobe.

What are the basics that a person needs to formulate a functional, stylish wardrobe that will take them from day to night, work to school to drinks with friends — and everywhere in between? I’m happy to announce that after lots of thought, I’ve come up with the perfect formula! Get excited, peeps! lol I wore a slightly out-of-the box look on Sunday but I think it actually does a good job of showcasing a few of my closet staples in an unexpected way. The outfit was comprised of a Banana Republic slip dress that I wore under a white tee from H&M and an old hand-me-down leather moto jacket from…you’ll NEVER guess…BABY PHAT! Can you believe it?! My sister gave me this jacket several years ago after she had already worn it for a few years and it’s STILL holding up. The leather actually gets softer and more plush as the years progress. That’s how you know something is made with quality fabrics. The wear and tear make it that much more appealing. It used to have a faux fur detachable collar and a leather belt that fit through the belt holes at the bottom of the jacket but who has any idea where either of those pieces are these days? lol Let me tell you, most Baby Phat stuff was made with cheaper materials and would not stand the test of time and still be relevant/fashionable in 2019 but this jacket is an anomaly for sure. SN: Have you heard the news that Kimora is actually in the process of revamping and relaunching the brand in the near future? I’m really interested to see what direction she goes in this time around. And I say bravo for any woman of color making waves in the fashion industry.

Anywayyy, I paired all of that with some new white leather sneakers from Adidas, my white shades and my new LV clutch that I purchased as a gift to myself for making Director late last year. ;) Treat yo self and all that jazz. I’d classify this outfit as ‘casual cool, personified.’ (confident much? HA)

As mentioned, this look encompasses several closet staples that I believe every woman should own. And without further ado, I give you my list of five. This was VERY hard to narrow down but I think I chose the most important items.

  1. White tee [as well as tees in other colors and a few graphic tees for good measure. ;)]

  2. Leather jacket [or faux leather, of course]

  3. Black blazer

  4. High-waisted jeans [they suck you in and look chic with everything!]

  5. A great bag that goes with everything [doesn’t have to be designer, just something that you love that has a bit of interest…a cool print, a nice texture, a bright color, etc.]

What do you think of this list? Did I leave anything out? What are your personal staples? I’d love to hear what makes a well-rounded closet in your opinion. Thanks so much for stopping by! Have an amazing week.

xoxo - Ashley