If you know me, you know my older sister is my dog!

We always have a blast together and it’s always laughs and constant foolery the whole time. This Saturday, we decided to go to the swanky restaurant located in the Nomo Soho hotel — entitled, Nomo Kitchen. I knew we needed to check it out for one very important reason. It’s super instagrammable! lol I’ve seen countless people posting pics in the hotel’s walkway and I knew I wanted to get a good shot. And of course, the food. I am literally always down for food. Especially with a good atmosphere and some tasty drinks. I will say, Nomo Kitchen was pretty pricey. Our bill ended up being about $180 which is a lot for 2 people. However, the ridiculously priced drinks were very strong. So, there’s that lol. The food was pretty good but I’ve definitely had better, especially at this same type of cute, fancy restaurant. I personally love Nobu and Mr. Chow. They’re in the same price range but they both have amazing food.

After the meal, we went to Red Rooster in Harlem and had a few more drinks before we called it a night. I made sure to get some good pics in the cute walkway at Nomo because my earlier attempt at a solo shoot in my neighborhood was a fail. My hair was blowing everywhere, the pics came out dark and I couldn’t get a good angle to show the whole outfit. But, I showed them to my sis and she said I was being too hard on myself and she really liked them. So, in an effort to not worry so much about every little detail being perfect, I’m posting them here. I also shared a few on my IG stories yesterday.

I really loved this look. It definitely felt like a departure from my normal “going out” look but I think it worked. Although these PVC pants from PrettyLittleThing are a little squeaky, I plan on wearing them again and again. ;) This time, I paired them with another graphic tee that I got from Missguided. With a chain belt and my new white pumps from DSW, I was ready to head out for a night on the town.

All in all, we had a great night (per usual) and I already can’t wait for the next sister outing. I hope you have a great week! And if you’re still reeling from Nipsey Hussle’s murder (like I am), I hope you can find a little solace in the love around you, God’s will, and all the positive things that come your way this week. This world is crazy, man. Stay safe. Stay prayed up. And although it sounds terribly cliche’, try to live every single day as if it were your last. You really just never know.

Sending you love and light this week and always. xoxo - Ashley