Ashley WashingtonComment


Ashley WashingtonComment

So, I took a few days off in between jobs.

I highly recommend doing so. Don’t ever leave a job on Friday and start a new one on Monday. You need more time to decompress! Get your mind right. Get mentally and physically prepared. You owe it to yourself. I actually wished I would’ve taken more days to myself but I’m going to be off for two days next week for my school’s homecoming festivities so I didn’t want to push it.

During one of my off days, my sister and I met for a late lunch and hung out for a few hours in Tribeca. We always have the best time together! However, after we hang out, I usually can’t do much else for the rest of the weekend because she tends to have a much higher tolerance than I do for overflowing drinks all night. :-/ Older sister, stronger liver I guess lol. Anyway, it’s finally Fall here in NYC so I pulled out my sweaters and boots and switched over my closet. I wore a Forever 21 white cardigan duster, black pants and camel Nine West boots — all pulled together with a leopard skinny belt from Target. I wanted to look cute and weather appropriate but still comfortable. And these boots are probably my most comfortable pair of heels. I always say this but Nine West makes good, durable shoes. You have to search through the granny styles but I usually find a gem on their site.

We had lunch at Sarabeth’s which I actually thought was a little subpar to be so popular. The food was alright but it all needed some seasoning to be honest. However, I thoroughly enjoyed our sister date, per usual. She snapped these pics of me when we walked outside and headed to the next spot. What do you think of this look? Are you excited for Fall or annoyed that it’s already freezing outside? I can’t decide how I feel about it…

P.S. I’m going to shoot tomorrow morning and I have a cocktail attire birthday party to attend tomorrow night so check back next week for more updates! ;) xo - Ashley