So, I was smart this time around and I decided to take a few days to myself after the work trip (ColorComm).

My friend met me in Miami so after the conference I switched hotels (to something cheaper — sis ain’t got Ritz Carlton money) and enjoyed the weekend in the city relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. We kept it pretty casual with not much of an itinerary and sometimes those are the perfect trips. After the final conference luncheon, I headed to the JW Marriott Marquis and we just chilled out for a few hours before dinner reservations at Gloria Estefan’s restaurant. Estefan Kitchen if a cute spot with great seafood, tasty cocktails and a live salsa band. The food was pretty pricy but I definitely enjoyed it. And I loved the band, they put on a lively 2-person show and lots of the patrons (and servers) inside the restaurant got up to dance and sing along.

After dinner, we went to Bodega which is a hidden, speakeasy type place with a taco restaurant in front. You walk through what looks like a bathroom (complete with urinals and graffiti on the walls) and then open a door that heads into a lively club. To be honest, we’re old and over it and the club scene wasn’t hitting the spot at all. But if you like that type of thing, then this spot might be for you! We only stayed for maybe 20 minutes and then decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel. The next morning, we ate brunch at Upland, a nice airy spot with lots of good brunch options and mimosas on deck of course. After pancakes and bacon, we went to the Art District to see the very popular Wynwood Walls. It’s basically a very colorful, lively area with various large-scale murals at every turn, painted by different artists in different styles. I loved it! So creative and vibrant. And of course, lots of opportunities for prime picture taking. ;) After Wynwood — and sweating our entire faces off — we lounged at the hotel pool and ordered pina coladas and lunch. That night, we had planned on going back to the Wynwood area to a lounge that my sister recommended but again, we’re old. So, we decided to literally order the whole room service menu (probably like 10 things LMAO) and enjoy a night in. And that was the trip! The next day, I woke up late, lounged in bed, read a little and Uber’d to the airport.

It was a great week in Miami and I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. I’m grateful for the reprieves from real life and all the chaos of NYC. Ironically, we didn’t make it to South Beach once and I’m not at all mad about it. After you do the South Beach thing a few times, it’s not really necessary anymore. I’ve only been to Vegas as a kid but I imagine it’s likely the same way. You go and party it up once, that’s probably enough. Especially past the age of 25.

When the clock hit 2019 this year, I made a resolution to prioritize travel over going out. I think I’ve done ok but I’m definitely planning a few more trips before year’s end. I’m planning to go home at some point (TX!) and I’m probably going to ATL for my friends’ homecoming weekend. I also might do a NYE trip to the Caribbean. I want to make sure that I use all my vacation days and enjoy time away from home. What trips do you have on the docket? I need some ideas for next year too. One thing’s for sure though…Greece is DEF happening next year. I’ve waited long enough. It’s getting crossed off the bucket list.

Thanks for checking in. xoxo - Ashley

Outfit Details are below!

Wynwood outing:

Top - TJ Maxx, Shorts - Fashion Nova, Glasses - Aldo (men’s section)

Pool time:

Swimsuit - Shein


Duster - Boohoo, Shorts/Shoes - Zara