My older sister just turned 40 and you know we had to get cute and celebrate!

I threw on some leopard pants, strappy sandals and a white tee and headed out to meet my sis out in her neck of the woods (the ‘burbs). We started by having a drink at one restaurant and then walked over to this super nice boutique called Hirshleifers that sells all the upscale brands and latest trends. This. store. OMG. It was literally a shopper’s dream. Every top brand you could think of was on display and I wished I had like $2891038497 to spare lol. I didn’t buy anything but my sis got a beautiful new pair of PVC sandals for the summer. She and her friend are both cool with one of the super sweet sales associates in the store so she hooked us up with some champagne (and tequila shots!) while we shopped. Too much fun. From there, we headed to another restaurant and had some good eats (and drinks). All in all, it was such a good day. ;)

In other somewhat related news, we’re also going to Cancun for her official bday celebration! We’re leaving on Friday and omg I cannot wait. I need this vacation in the worst way. Life has been super busy lately and I can’t wait to take a real break. All I (mostly) wanna do is lay on the beach with a marg or three and enjoy soaking up the Mexican sun. With that being said, I’m thinking about the essentials that I need to pack this week. I bought a few things online but I don’t want to stuff my suitcase too much (per usual) so I’m sticking to the essentials. So, without further ado, here’s my list!

  1. Several cute swimsuits! I’m packing probably 4 or 5 to be safe. I bought a Moschino swimsuit from the Moschino x H&M collab last year and I can’t wait to pull it out! I’ve been saving it for summertime fun and this occasion is perfect.

  2. A few pair of statement sandals. I bought the cutest sparkly slides from Century21 this weekend for $17 whole bucks and I’ll likely be wearing those most of the time. I’m taking a black and white pair of sandals and maybe some colorful lace-ups as well.

  3. Shades. And more shades. {SN: I hate when bloggers call sunglasses “sunnies”…I don’t why, it just bothers me for some odd reason LOL.} I’m thoroughly obsessed with sunglasses of every shape, size and color. I can’t stop buying them. And I especially love the $10 ones from street vendors all over the city. I’ll be honest, I’m likely taking like 7 pair for 4 days. Judge your mother. ;)

  4. Sunblock and light makeup. I don’t plan on wearing lots of makeup while I’m there. It’s gonna be 400 degrees and I don’t want foundation running down my face. But I’ll likely wear a little NYX powder and some mascara for sure. That’s really all you need. Actually, I might not even wear the powder…just tons of mascara to make my eyes pop.

  5. Flowy sundresses and lightweight 2-pieces. I picked up a few 2-pieces from Boohoo and I’ll be showing them off on the blog real soon! The full Cancun blog post will come some next week when I get back. Don’t miss it.

So, what are your beach essentials? I thought about including hats but I don’t even have any good summer ones at the moment so I left those out. What do you need to make your beach trip complete? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading AceTheLook, my friends. xoxoxoxo - Ashley