Black and white stripes. Boots — all kinds. Statement earrings. Sparkly dip powder nails. Things are a few of my favorite things…

Today’s post is all about the things I’ve been loving lately. I think I’ll start a new series like this and post my recent faves each week. I read a lot, I shop a lot and I go out a lot so I think that makes me an expert on all things lifestyle and fashion, right? lol



First things first — SHOPPING! I’ve been on the hunt for white combat boots lately because I love boots so very much and I neeedddd more white ones. I’ve been seeing iterations of this trend everywhere and I can’t wait to style them with satin skirts and Canadian tuxedos and slip dresses and all of the things! I bought this pair of studded Sam Edelmans (on sale, of course) but they didn’t work out so now I have a pair from Forever21 and a pair from Nasty Gal on the way. Once they arrive, I’ll try both and send one of them back. P.S. I NEVER buy shoes from Forever21 but I don’t want to spend too much money on this very trendy thing so I figured what the heck and gave them a shot.


{{WHAT I’M READING}} I just finished “The Most Fun We’ve Ever Had” by Claire Lombardo and it was SO GOOD. It was a lot longer than my normal books at 538 pages (I usually max out at about 350 pages) but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s the story of a madly-in-love older couple and their 4 daughters who are all going through various trials and tribulations — things like dying husbands and alcohol addiction, harboring family secrets, etc. But, don’t get me wrong, it’s not too dark. it’s funny and heartfelt without being cheesy. And so well-written that I didn’t even really realize how long it was until I was almost done. I read a new book probably every 2 weeks or so during my work commute and a lot of them are immediately forgotten after the last page. However, I’ve been thinking about this one since I put it down. Highly recommend!



I’m a Trader Joe’s fanatic, honey. Thoroughly obsessed. Last week’s haul consisted of most of my normal staples but I thought I’d try one new thing this time — just in time for the fall season. I bought the Harvest Spaghetti Squash Spirals and ate it as a side dish to some protein and it was pretty good! Nice and light and flavorful if you add a little garlic seasoning to your liking.



I’ve been thinking a lot about how to be my best self lately. I know that sounds straight out of a self-help book but hear me out. I consider my mortality probably more than I should honestly. And it makes me think about how I’m living my life and if I can be proud of what I’m putting into the world. I hope people see my journey and feel inspired or at the very least, hopefully the vibes that I’m emitting are positive and authentic. I want my legacy to be one that is pleasing to God, to my family and the people around me. I don’t have really have a point here lol — this is just something that’s been on my mind as of late. I guess the idea is that since we only get this one shot at life, I’m trying to make sure that I bang this thang out and do my very best. ;)

So, that’s it for this week. The photos below were taken by my photog friend Sergio (@Ser6iosantos) after we shot the fringe look from the previous post and I love the way they came out. The outfit is comprised of one of my favorite things — black and white striped pants from Forever21, my white cropped denim jacket from Necessary Clothing and pink heels from Zara. Hope you like it! And let me know what you think about this #AcesList feature. I’ll be back with another one real soon. xoxoxo - Ashley