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Back again with another #AcesList. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wanted to include this week so I’m realizing that this was a nice addition to the blog. A few of my favorite bloggers do the same thing and I always thoroughly enjoy their lists. So without ado, here we go!



I’m still buying boots, yall. Seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! How many boots does one person need?? I only have two feet. It’s getting ridiculous at this point — I realize that. Nevertheless, I ordered this pair of black croc boots from Steve Madden and I cannot wait to see them in person. So excited!! If they work out, I’ll be styling and shooting them realllll soon.



I just finished The Immortalists literally like an hour ago on the subway and I loved it. The story line is so entirely different from anything I’ve ever read and the writing was superb. I honestly didn’t want it to end…but I also really wanted to see how it would end (if that makes any sense). It’s about 4 young siblings that go see a fortune teller and the woman tells them how many years they have left to live. As they grow older, the reader witnesses the fallout that ensues based on this woman’s prophecy. Each sibling’s life is vastly affected by that one day and it makes you question your own mortality a bit. Would you want to know the date of your death in order to live your remaining days to the fullest? It’s a thought-provoking premise that I never really considered before reading this book. Highly recommend it. Now, I’ll be reading Chloe Benjamin’s other novel The Anatomy of Dreams because I enjoy her storytelling so much. I’ll let you know my thoughts on that one when I finish it.



I was browsing Netflix recently trying to find a new show and I decided to give Episodes a try. OMG love. It stars Matt LeBlanc (“Joey” from Friends) basically playing himself — an actor finding his footing on a new show after his fame from Friends has died down. His character is hilariously self-centered and such an asshole but it makes for good TV. I’ve been bingeing it nonstop and totally didn’t realize that I had 5 whole seasons to get through so it’s taking me a while to finish. I usually watch right before I go to bed because it puts me in a good mood. I try not to watch scary or suspenseful stuff before I fall asleep because the nightmares can be nuts! Anyway, give it a watch if you’re bored — you won’t be disappointed.



This is kinda random but I’m sitting here drinking my favorite wine on this earth and I feel like it’s completely necessary that I tell you about it and sing its praises from the mountaintops. Jeunesse Cabernet Sauvignon is so.damn.delicious. And very inexpensive. Which is important, obvi. BUT, it doesn’t taste cheap. Which is just as important, in my opinion. I’m honestly not super picky when it comes to wine — I enjoy it in most (if not, all) forms. I’ll drink a crisp white, a sweet rose’, a semi-dry red…whatever. Just give me all the wine honestly. But this one is my absolute fave. It’s not too sweet but definitely not bitter. And I realize this is about to sound slightly insane and goes against all wine education you’ve had in your life buuutttttt….I really love it cold. I KNOW. I know. Red wine should always be room temperature. You’re likely turning up your nose at me and writing me off as an uncultured barbarian or something but I swear it’s so good. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

And that’s all for today’s list. Hope you enjoyed it! I took some free headshots on the second day of #Blogher that I wanted to share below. What do you think? I thought they came out great (especially to be free) but after I checked them again at home, I was annoyed that I didn’t have on a statement earring of some sort to bring a little more pop to the photos. My sis said they were fine as is though because if I use these in the future, a classic hoop earring will still stand the test of time. She’s probably right. I always think about things too damn hard for no reason. :-/

Anywayyyyyyssssss, thanks for reading. Don’t be a stranger, come back soon. ;) xoxox - Ashley

I kinda look like my neck is breaking here lolol.

I kinda look like my neck is breaking here lolol.

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