LA was lit.

I flew to LA with a few friends for a Cinco de Mayo party and it was such a fun weekend! My friends are apart of this group that they call #coolkids and one of the couples has this amazing house where they hosted the best Cinco celebration I’ve ever had. There was a taco stand with these yummy, authentic street tacos along with some tasty tequila drinks and a DJ spinning all night. Before the party, I finally got to try Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles and it was BOMB. I’m originally from Houston and I always say there’s no better fried chicken than Frenchy’s Chicken in Third Ward but this was a close second. After Roscoe’s, we hung out at another friend’s house for a few and then headed to the party and danced the night away.

On Sunday, we went to Mama Shelter for brunch and drinks on the rooftop. There’s literally nothing I love more than a good meal and cocktail on a rooftop during a sunny day. It was the perfect setting! Then, we trekked it to the Marathon store (owned by the late rapper Nipsey Hussle that was recently murdered right in front of the store). I was hoping we’d be able to go in and browse the merchandise and possibly purchase something to support but the store is actually closed until further notice. I think they just had too many people coming by and too much chaos to deal with so they shut it down. Apparently, they’re still selling merch online so I need to check it out.

After the store visit, we headed back to the hosts’ house to watch Game of Thrones (!!) and order food. The next morning, we ordered breakfast from a nearby restaurant and then headed to the airport to fly back to NY. All in all, it was a fun weekend full of sunshine and good food/drinks. LA constantly intrigues me…sometimes, I really think I could live there and be really happy. It’s been at the top of my possible final destinations list for a little while now. I always enjoy it every time I go, I love the weather and the slower (but not slow) vibe and of course, for work, I could still stay in my industry and flourish. I definitely noticed a few small downsides this time around though. Of course, the traffic is insane. I kept forgetting that even though a place would be relatively close in mileage, we needed to account for traffic time for an accurate ETA. Then, on Saturday night after the party died down, we all tried to figure out what to eat (mind you, it was only like 10pm) and NOTHING was open. I was appalled!! How can restaurants close at 10pm on a Saturday night?! Lastly, the Uber situation wasn’t so great. We kept having to wait for a while every time we ordered one which I’m not used to at all. Our friend said it was because we kept ordering Uber XLs in order to accommodate several people and those aren’t as popular in LA since everyone has a small(er) car. Obviously, these things aren’t super important…they just stuck out to me a bit since I’ve been considering possibly relocating there in the future. I still really enjoy it overall so we’ll see what happens. Right now, I think it’s pretty clear that I’m supposed to be in NYC at the moment so I’m staying put for now.

For the looks, I kept it really casual and summery since LA weather is so warm. For the party, I wore a Shein shirt, Amazon skirt, Zara chain belt and Adidas sneakers. Then, for brunch on Sunday, I wore another Shein shirt, some FashionNova shorts and my Zara pearl boots. What do you think of these looks? Did I nail the LA chill vibe? ;) I tried! lol

Thanks for reading. I have some more lewks coming soon. xoxo - Ashley

RIP Nip. *  The Marathon Continues  *

RIP Nip. * The Marathon Continues *