So I just back from vacation and I’m ready to get back to work on this here blog!

I decided to do a little roundup this week and just show some pics from a few recent events. At the end of May, I attended the baby shower of one of my close friends. You might remember me mentioning her gender reveal party a little while ago. Well, the baby is almost here so it was time to celebrate him in a big way! The shower was thrown by a few of her girls and they did an amazing job. His name will be Kingsley (“King”) and the entire thing was themed for a little king. I loved the decor (and food!) so much. I also was living for the baby shower games and I usually HATE those. I’m pretty contrary when it comes to stuff like that usually. I hate the traditional games because I think they’re so cornball. I also really hate traditional wedding stuff too but I digress…

So, the first pics (with the red striped dress — from Forever 21) are from the shower. I paired it with a Target leopard print belt and my Nine West nude sandals. What do you think of this look? I kinda felt like it came across in pics like something somebody’s auntie would wear honestly….lol. Can’t win ‘em all I guess.

Next, I went to the annual LaTex (Louisiana/Texas) Crawfish Boil that we do every year. It’s a big party in this open venue called The Well in Brooklyn and it’s always a good time. This party is always packed because there’s good music, strong fruity drinks and lots of people. I actually really like the way this casual look came together. I usually struggle a bit with super casual looks because I dress up by nature. But, I had an epiphany one day like “I wanna wear an Adidas bodysuit!” and then the look came together from there. The bodysuit is actually a swimsuit that I picked up from Jimmy Jazz on 125th street (Harlem, for the non-New Yorkers). The shorts are old FashionNova, the sneakers are Adidas and the glasses are from a street vendor right outside of Jimmy Jazz. I lowkey wanna go back and get another color in these glasses because I love them so. I didn’t have $10 in cash (who just carries cash still? lol) so the lady let me Cash app her and listen, she just won a repeat customer after that. Bravo to street vendors selling cute shades for $10 with the latest technology!

My summer kicked off to a great start so far. I live for summers in New York and this one hasn’t disappointed me yet. Check back soon for a shoot I did with my #fashionfriend and then #CancunContent will commence. Thanks for reading, yall! Have an amazing Friday. xoxoxo - Ashley

Now on to Crawfish!

Now on to Crawfish!