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Ashley WashingtonComment

I had such a dope ass weekend!

For starters, we were off on Monday for Presidents’ Day so I made the most of the break and did something fun everyday. That doesn’t happen very often, I usually try to get some rest and do nothing for at least one day during the weekend (especially if it’s a long one) but this one was action packed. On Friday, I joined a new photographer friend for dinner/drinks at Nice Matin on the UWS (Upper West Side). We discussed working together and scheduled a shoot for Sunday morning. On Saturday, I woke up and headed to The Brooklyn Circus to film a video shoot! I was recommended as a “stylish extra” to participate in the Cassius x Lexus shoot hosted by a company called 19th & Park. We shot a scene with me and the store owner perusing the racks and choosing things for me to wear and got some shots of me walking out of the subway. I have no idea how much I’ll be featured in the video since I was just an extra but it was still an exciting and fun experience! I actually met some cool people too so that’s always a plus.

On Saturday night, I headed to Harlem Fashion Week at The Museum of the City of New York on the UES (Upper East Side). Although the show started late, I really loved the venue and the clothes were nice overall. My friend and I left the show and ended the night with dinner/drinks at Essex.

Then, on to Sunday where I went to shoot some pics for the blog with the new photog friend. We met at Central Park and got some good shots that I’m excited to see! I’ll talk more about that later this week when I post the photos. Sunday evening was spent at a cute little restaurant called While We Were Young. The food was AMAZING (albeit, pricey) and it was a good time with my girls.

Thennnn, on to Monday where the fun still didn’t stop. I met my friends at a Slutty Vegan pop-up hosted at Cove Lounge in Harlem. The line to get in was INSANITY so we quickly decided to go next door and have tacos and margs instead. After the tacos, we went to Harlem Hops and drank and ate a little more. A few of my friends actually had success getting into Cove to taste some Slutty Vegan and they brought us back a burger to share. I have to say, it was pretty damn good! I’ll definitely try them again whenever I’m in ATL (where the actual standalone store is).

So, as you can see, it was a great freakin’ weekend. Nonstop and pretty expensive to say the least but so fun! The pics below are my look for Saturday’s video shoot and #HFW show. What do you think of this pairing? These are my new white boots that I’m thoroughly obsessed with and will be wearing with everything so get ready lol. The top, coat and bag are from Zara, boots from DSW and jeans from Fashion Nova. The black boater hat is a new Windsor find. My head is humongous and the hat felt a little tight all day but sometimes we must suffer for fashion lmao.

Thanks for reading, peeps! Love ya, mean it. xoxo - Ashley

Sitting in the back of the van at the video shoot waiting to be called lol.

Sitting in the back of the van at the video shoot waiting to be called lol.