Ashley Washington2 Comments


Ashley Washington2 Comments

Whoever made up the ‘don’t wear white after Labor Day’ rule was dumb. Just saying lol.

Why on Earth would this person try to deprive us of winter whites?? Do you know how chic all white can be when it’s done right? TUH! I’m wearing my white all year ‘round, honey. IDC! I hate fashion rules anyway. Wear your navy with your black, wear pink and red together, wear black and brown (specifically, camel…I’m actually obsessed with this pairing!), wear boots in the summer. Whatever you like. Do what makes you happy.

I went to shoot this look {hat and crop top from Necessary Clothing, shorts are DYI, blazer from Forever 21 and boots from Nine West} and a lady walked by with two cute French bulldogs as I was snapping pics. One of them literally stopped in his tracks and would not move. She kept pulling his leash and he just stood there and stared at me lmao. She goes “I guess he likes your shoes or something.” LOL My sister and bro-in-law have a Frenchie that is kinda insane but I love him all the same. I guess dogs enjoy a little fashion too. ;)

What do you think of this pairing? Are you wearing your white clothes all year? Let me know! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my little blog. xoxo - Ashley

P.S. Check back later this week for my recap on the only two #NYFW events that I was able to attend -- #EssenceStreetStyle and #29Rooms. Actually, I’m not sure if #29Rooms is considered a Fashion Week event per se…but, there were certainly some fashuunnnnsss in that thang! ;)

P.P.S. One of my very best friends who is more like my second sister is getting married on Friday and I’m the Maid of Honor. Remember the NOLA posts earlier this summer from her bachelorette party? Well, the wedding is finally here and I’m headed out to ATL in the AM. Wish us luck on a perfect day. Send us good vibes. xo