#NYFW - Day 2

Day 2 was a blast.

I was supposed to do a few events on Friday night after work but it was rainy and gross outside and I had to get my nails done because they were literally about to all pop off lol. So, I skipped everything and just relaxed after the nail salon. Which meant that Saturday was my official day 2. I put on a black sequin sweatsuit from FashionNova, a Calvin Klein bralet, Zara pearl combats boots and several silver necklaces to top off the look. Oh and the snakeskin fanny pack is from Boohoo!

I got SO many compliments on this look. Even the man at the Apple store that helped me with my screen protector told me I looked fabulous lol. It’s hilarious to me when people rave over outfits that literally come from the cheapest places. I think that’s what personal style is really all about — being able to buy something that someone else might turn their nose up at and tricking it out to be a LEWK that everyone appreciates. I tell people all the time, don’t sleep on fast fashion! You have to be willing to really peruse their sites and reallyyyy look through everything but more often than not, you can find some gems. I do a lot of mixing and matching from various different stores in order to build a wardrobe that is varied and different. I want to make sure that the pieces that I own don’t all look the same and give a different vibe depending on the day. With that said, I implore you to try a few of my favs like…

  1. Shein — it’s SUPER affordable and the sizing can be a little weird (for instance, I always have to buy a Large or XL in all of their pants) but I find such cute stuff here.

  2. ASOS — everyone’s fav is ASOS. I don’t even need to tell you about it.

  3. Forever 21 — the online experience is a 1,000 times better than the in-store experience. I actually try not to ever step foot inside the store. Drives me insane.

  4. Boohoo — I haven’t gotten too many things from here but everything that I have bought has made me happy.

  5. PrettyLIttleThing — super trendy and very “now”, love it for graphic tees and things to throw on and look put together.

  6. H&M — again, the online experience is better than going in store and being overwhelmed.

  7. Zara — Zara clothes make me happy. All the time. Every season. I’ll love them forever.

  8. Missguided — really cute and well priced. And they’re always having a sale.

I’m sure that list isn’t revolutionary but those are the places that usually get me right. Try them if you haven’t already!

Ok so back to Fashion Week…with my FashionNova special on, I went to the Designers’ Collective show in the afternoon, then ate some yummy seafood with my friend at Seamore’s, took a few pics outside and then headed to the Shein pop-up in Soho. I didn’t buy anything at Shein even though I usually buy at least 4-5 pieces from them every few months. Nothing was really catching my eye. So, from there, we went to the Jovana Louis show at 6pm and then had a drink at The Stewart Hotel bar afterwards. I thoroughly enjoyed the looks at the Jovana Louis show. She constructs beautiful dresses and women’s suiting that is chic and reminiscent of Miami in the summertime. Loved it all. Check out the pics below for a little taste.

I’ll be following up with my last day of #NYFW events later this week. Have a great Sunday! xoxo - Ashley

Shein popup.jpg
Jovana Louis show

Jovana Louis show

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A few pieces from the Designers’ Collective show

A few pieces from the Designers’ Collective show

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