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Ok, so it’s been a WHILE and I apologize. I can’t even begin to explain how crazy life has been lately. I’ve been down and out about several things going on right now and I’m just trying to wade through it all at the moment. But, I’ve decided to get back to writing because it used to make me really happy back in the day…and that dates back to even when I was younger. I actually used to say I would be an author when I grew up because I really enjoyed writing and felt that I was good at it. ;) So, I’m back. And I’ll try not to take that long of a break again. My caption on today’s IG post is exactly how I’m feeling today. I’ll restate it here in case you didn’t catch it. “Sometimes it feels like everything is crashing down around you. Like life is throwing so much mess your way. Take a step forward. And then take another one. Keep taking those single steps until it feels like you’re getting somewhere.”

So, here I am. Taking single steps to get back to me. The “me” that is happy and content with this life and enjoying the spoils of NYC with my friends and family. The “me” that is traipsing around this city attending events and meeting interesting people and looking good for the ‘gram. ;) And most importantly, the “me” that is grateful for this life and all the blessings that have fallen in my lap along the way. Not to get too preachy on you but I strongly believe that everything in life happens for a reason and it’s all apart of the master plan. So, I can only hope and pray that the reason behind my personal storms will be revealed to me and that I’m smart enough to utilize those lessons to inform future decisions and reactions. I will say though that life definitely still feels out of wack right now but I’ve been doing some things that will hopefully make me feel like I’m back on track real soon. And in true blogger form, I’ve compiled a list of those things in the hopes that they’ll maybe help you too.

So, in no particular order, when you feel like nothing is going right, when you’re sad beyond repair, when your depression starts to settle in, when you’ve been unable to shake negative feelings… are a few things that I’ve found helpful along the way.

  1. PRAY. Without ceasing. Pray until you’re tired of praying. And then pray some more. And P.S. if you’re not a believer, this might manifest itself as speaking to the universe and asking for what you want/need.

  2. Talking to a therapist. I used to have one (you probably read about how that didn’t work out so well LOL) but I’m going to start actively searching for another one this week. It’s long overdue. I know for a fact that a trained professional can help me unpack some things and understand the origin of certain feelings and motivations.

  3. Reading devotionals or other motivational literature. I read a Joyce Meyer devotional a few times a week on my phone when I wake up in the morning. My mom has always loved Joyce Meyer and one day a while ago, I decided to check her website for something and happened upon the daily devotional on her homepage. It’s a short and sweet message each morning and ends with a little prayer tailored to the message of the day. Love it. Highly recommend.

  4. Talking to friends about your issues — but only a few of them and maybe only sparingly. I hope that doesn’t sound like shade because it’s not intended that way at all. But, here’s the thing. I have A LOT of friends. I’ve had someone tell me that I have more friends than anyone they’ve ever known before. What can I say?! I’m likable! LMAO jk jk. But seriously, there are a lot of women (and a few men!) in my life that I consider friends. However, I do not share every single trial and tribulation with all these people. For several reasons. Number 1, I don’t have time to share everything with them lol. Number 2, some are really close friends and some maybe not as close. And most importantly, number 3, PEOPLE DON’T CARE. And again, I don’t mean that in a shady way. I’m just saying that not everyone needs/wants to hear your every minor thought and sometimes, you’ll end up working those problems out before even having the chance to share them with everyone.

  5. Making lists. So, hear me out on this one because at first glance, it may seem a little odd. I’m a list maker by nature. I have lists of outfits I want to wear (judge your mother!), restaurants I want to go to, future baby names (again, your mother is who you should be judging, not I!), important stuff to remember, etc. So, why not make a list of how you can go about solving your problems? Or maybe jot down some pros/cons to decipher the best way forward when a looming issue warrants a major decision. Try it, you might just find it immensely helpful.

With all that said, I’d love to hear your ways to cope when life gets a little rough. Are you doing something that I should incorporate into my survival kit? Let me know in the comments below! And as always, thanks for following along. I appreciate every eyeball on these posts. ;) xoxo - Ashley

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The rings are Baublebar!