Ok so this is long overdue but I had a great birthday celebration!

I invited my crew out to Long Island to my sister’s house and we had so much fun. We ordered Jamaican food and my bro-in-law made some meat on the grill. They have a great deck/outdoor party area and we actually had a really good turnout. Several of my friends made the trek to the ‘burbs and a few of my bro-in-law’s family members were there as well. We ate, drank, laughed and partied all day. As for the lewk, I wanted to be casual and cute and I tried to ensure that the outfit would still be functional since I knew we would be outside for the full day. I told this story on my IG but basically I ruined my outfit before the party even got started. *cue the tears* I had on a white cropped tank (Necessary Clothing) and this super cute champagne colored tulle maxi skirt that my sister gave me ages ago. I have been trying to find the right opportunity to wear this skirt for months! Months, I tell ya! Finally, I put it on for the shindig and really loved the look. And then, a few of my friends showed up and I started to take the food out of the oven to transport it to the deck. True to form (because I’m the clumsiest human being there ever was), I proceeded to take a tray of oxtails out of the oven and wasted a bunch of oil from the meat all down the front of the skirt. I. WAS. PISSED. This skirt that I had been wanting to wear forever was basically ruined. I tried scrubbing it with OxiClean and soap and nothing helped. After a few minutes of stressing, I finally decided to give up and put on something else. Luckily, my sis saved the day with a pair of loose drawstring cargo pants and I tried my best to forget about my messed up skirt. All in all, the party was a success and I still felt cute. ;)

I was thinking about this party the other and honestly, I’m just so grateful to have a tribe surrounding me that shows support and love. My friends are all movers and shakers in their respective industries and I constantly feel inspired by their journeys. My advice? Do yourself a favor and get you some friends that make you want to level up and be better! It makes all the difference.

Thanks so much for reading and have an amazing week! xo - Ash

P.S. Please excuse the blurry pics! They were mostly taken from random phones and sent to me.