Yall. This belt. THIS BELT.

Can I wear it with every single thing? Would that be tacky? DO I CARE?!?! Nope. I do not.

I will wear this sparkly ass belt with everything that semi works with it from now until the end of time lmao. I’m exaggerating, of course. However, I hope that I’ve accurately portrayed how very much I love this sparkly, shiny, ridiculous belt. I’ve seen a variation of the belt on a few different bloggers and knew I had to have it asap. I ordered one from Windsor a while ago and it was miniature. Literally couldn’t even get it halfway around myself. So, sadly I sent that one back and ordered another one from Princess Polly. Success!

For my shoot with Jackie in Astoria, I knew I had to style an outfit around this belt. I also really wanted to wear my new gray flares that I picked up from the last Zara sale for $15 whole dollars. I’ve been trying on these pants with several different tops when I plan to go out with friends and every outfit looked dumb. :-/ Finally, I thought to pair them with a chambray shirt, then threw on the belt to make the shirt a little more fitted, added my trusty snakeskin booties and my new boater hat and VOILA! A look I really love. I’m warning you now that I will certainly be wearing this exact outfit to an event, or out to drinks or somewhere because I had no plans this day and didn’t even really get to show it off lol. As we were shooting, this woman walked by and said “I love your belt and pants! So cool!” ;-) Unsolicited compliments from random strangers on the street always make a girl feel a little better about her fashion sense lol.

In other news, I’m headed to DC this weekend for one of my good friends’ gender reveal party and my other friend just told me that we’re supposed to wear blue or pink to represent what “team” we’re on — team boy or girl. Now, of course, I’m slightly freaking out…mentally wracking my brain trying to scroll through everything pink in my closet and deciphering what could work for this setting. {I’m team girl, duh!} I’ve never been to a gender reveal before but as you know, they’re all the rage these days so here goes nothing lol. I’m forcing myself to wear something in my closet because I’m not allowed to buy anymore clothes until I go on vacation……………I actually just made up that rule right now as I was typing. WHAT IN THE?!

I guess I have to abide by it now that it’s in print, huh? Ugh. Ok, #ProjectShopYourCloset commences now. Today. *quickly purchases the 12 things in my Shein cart* Lololol. JK. I’m really going to attempt to make this a thing. I don’t need anything else at the moment so I’ll save my little coins for vacation and wear the stuff I own. Wish me luck, yall. And thanks for reading my crazy rambles. xoxox - Ashley