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Ashley WashingtonComment

Just a casual day at brunch…

This weekend has been super lowkey for me. Sometimes, lowkey is exactly what I need. I did nothing but stop by Zara on Friday night (got some goodies, coming to the blog soon!). Then, Saturday, I really felt the need to get up and go shoot but I just couldn’t bear the thought of freezing my buns off another day. The last few times I’ve gone out to shoot I’ve almost frozen to death lol. It’s really challenging to get “the shot” when your extremities are so cold they’re numb. This weather is just not conducive to content creation. A lot of bloggers have resorted to taking pics inside which I would do if I had an IG boyfriend/husband that I could nag for frequent pics lol. Needless to say, I decided to not be too hard on myself and just get the things done that really needed to get done. Dressing up and taking pics was not a priority. I stopped by the post office to return some items I’ve purchased recently…SN: how annoying is the post office??! My goodness, it’s so terrible. After the post office run, I ran to the drug store to get some household items, the liquor store to get some (necessary) wine and the beauty supply store and then took my butt home.

However, the weather today was really beautiful — I believe it got up to about 51 degrees — so I went to brunch with my friend from college who was in town for a baby shower. We chatted about the perils of dating in today’s world and traded war stories lol. She actually gave me a really good idea to chronicle some of my dating woes on the blog and I think I might just do that one day. You’ll need to grab your popcorn honey because I got stories for dayyyssss! ha

I wore all old items from my closet to brunch at Ponty Bistro (Harlem). The blazer is from H&M, the jeans are FashionNova, the turtleneck is Shein and the boots are several seasons old from Nine West. I was rummaging through some stuff in my closet looking for some rubber gloves (don’t ask lol) and came across this cute little vintage Coach bag that I totally forgot I owned. I’ll definitely be pulling it out more often. What do you think of this casual look? Cute enough for brunch with an old friend? She snapped a couple pics of me and spared me from having to go home and get my tripod and take pics in a random park somewhere where everyone would stare at me as they walked by lol. God bless our friends. ;)

Hope you have an amazing week! xo - Ash