Ashley WashingtonComment


Ashley WashingtonComment

I like to think of this coat as my First Lady coat.

I always get lots of compliments on it because of the color and it reminds me of something my forever First Lady would wear. Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a Michelle O. doppleganger. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard that I look like her in the last 10 years. People stop me on the street, in Trader Joes, in restaurants — wherever! — to tell me that I resemble her. One time, I was grocery shopping and wearing a big coat and hoodie with the hood pulled up on my head because I looked a mess. I heard a little old lady exclaim “Michelle?!” and she walked up next to me, got close enough to look under my hood and then realized it was just me and not the First Lady shopping in the frozen food section lol. She said “oh…” and walked away LOL. All I could do was laugh. Strangers can be really ridiculous sometimes lol.

Anyway, I snagged this beauty from ASOS several years ago and it’s still holding on. I actually wore it to watch Barack Obama’s first inauguration in DC (layered over A MILLION other clothes because it was likely the coldest day I’ve ever experienced in my life). I guess that also adds to the reasons why I feel like this coat is a Michelle staple. ;) Underneath, I wore a new off-the-shoulder ribbed bodysuit that my sister gifted me and some Shein snakeskin pants. The Marc Fisher patent leather boots have been on heavy rotation for a while and I’m starting to realize that maybe I wear them a little too much because these pics are showing them kinda leaning a bit :-/. Might be time to retire them for a minute…

Jackie and I shot this look in Morningside Park and then across the way at P.S. 180 Hugo Newman where this amazing Harlem mural is located. I saw the mural on an IG friend’s page and knew I had to get some shots there. What do you think of this look and these shots? I would wear this to work (maybe with a different top since this one is a little off-the-shoulder) in a heartbeat!

Have an awesome Saturday! xoxo - Ashley