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Ashley WashingtonComment

I don’t normally do many networking events…

But, my friend told me about a fashion week brunch for women of color in the fashion/tech industries and that sounded like a great idea. With the constant onslaught of brands making it known that they couldn’t care less about women of color (really, people of color), I think it’s imperative that we support each other. I’ve (cyber) met some great ladies as a result of this blogging journey and I hope to continue to forge relationships with WOC that understand the struggle. The #WOCFashTechBrunch was so so awesome. I’m really grateful to my friend for inviting me to tag along. It was hosted at Fig & Olive in Meatpacking on Saturday and from the moment we walked in, I could tell it was gonna be a good time.

The hosts greeted us at the door with huge smiles and hugs and they really set the tone for an event full of fellowship and camaraderie. We ate a delicious brunch (I ordered the salmon entree and a creamy, chocolatey dessert), drank tasty cocktails sponsored by Hennessey and listened to a panel of women in the industry discussing their experiences in various positions at various levels. I should also note that each woman in attendance wasn’t a WOC, there were some allies in the mix as well.

I sat next to a young lady that works for Marchesa, another from Marc Fisher footwear, a stylist, a photographer, etc. We all had to stand up and introduce ourselves and I was completely in awe of the titles and accomplishments of these beautiful black women. I had a few more intimate conversations towards the end of the event and made some connections that I’m really happy about. All in all, it was a wonderful event and I will definitely be in attendance next year! Afterwards, we went to bar at The Gansevoort Hotel down the street and enjoyed some yummy food and drinks. It was the perfect day! We were actually supposed to go to a fashion week party that night but we were both too tired and worn out to do anything else. I’m old. That’s very obvious to me these days lol.

So, what do you think of this outfit pairing? I like the way it came together. This skirt is so divine. Now I want like 5 more flowy midi skirts! They make you feel really girly and stylish. ;) Are you attending any #NYFW events or parties? Let me know your plans for this week in the comments below. Thanks for reading, loves. xoxo - Ashley

P.S. I’ve listed my outfit details below.

Top: I believe it’s Forever 21 but it’s old and I really can’t be too sure lol.

Skirt: Shein

Glasses: Aldo

Earrings: TJ Maxx

Coat & Bag: Zara

Boots: Nine West