One of my oldest friends from home {Dallas} was visiting for a short time this weekend and we jam packed the days! 

On Saturday, we went to Rockaway Beach (check the next post for pics!) and later hit up Manhattan hotspot, STK, for dinner. I specifically made reservations for the rooftop area because I knew it would be nice outside and I wanted my friend to get the NYC rooftop experience. The food was amazing -- of course, I order the mac and cheese (and nothing else...I wasn't that hungry). Everything is pretty pricy and I was super dehydrated from the beach so I kept it simple with the cocktails and just ordered one glass of Pinot Grigio that I sipped all night. Ironically, right after we took the group pic we headed downstairs to leave and it started pouring BUCKETS of rain. I was so glad we left the rooftop at exactly the right time or else we would've been drenched and I would've been pissed! 

Anyway, as for the look, I finally decided to wear this navy blue romper that I ordered from Missguided almost 2 years ago. It's been sitting in my closet ever since I ordered it because for some reason, I could never find the right opportunity to wear it. I paired it with my new Zara sandals and a black chain link bag from Forever 21. Who says navy and black don't go together?? They lied! Don't listen to fashion rules, do you boo. And by the way, don't you just love the ease of rompers and jumpsuits? They were a genius idea and I'd like to kiss the designer that invented them. ;) You are the real MVP, ma'am or sir. Whoever you are. 

Thanks for reading, peeps! XO - Ash