#BLOGHER2019 - DAY 1

As a result of ColorComm, I met some awesome women at my agency and one of them told me about Blogher!

She DM’d me when they were having a flash sale and I ended up getting the ticket for $100 instead of the normal $250. WIN. The Creators Summit was held at the Brooklyn Expo in mid September and I’m really happy that I was able to attend. I didn’t know much about the conference until I did a little research before purchasing the ticket and I realized that it was definitely somewhere I should be as new blogger and content creator. The site describes the event as “1.5 days of keynotes, educational workshops, inspirational panel discussions, wellness and beauty activations, and networking with top brands” and this was actually the 15th year. On the first day, I headed to BK in a black and white mixed print outfit and my silver Zara booties. The first Keynote was given by actress Connie Britton who discussed her career trajectory and her experiences in the entertainment world. Then, we heard from the only and one SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker!!!) who talked about building her personal brand, seeing yourself as a capable businesswoman even if your path is untraditional and of course, she promoted her new business venture, a delicious Sauvignon Blanc called Invivo X Sarah Jessica Parker. They gave us samples so I promise it was good. ;) Then, I took in a few panels/speeches by the showrunner from the new FOX show “Almost Family” and guests that were given the RepresentHER award for their contribution to the entertainment industry and for their philanthropic ventures.

Next was the Beyond the Shade panel focused on diversity and inclusion and then a conversation with people like Lo Bosworth (from “The Hills” fame) who have built amazing businesses in the beauty and wellness space. My favorite part of the day was a short discussion with actress Keke Palmer who was such a delight. She looked great and had the most warm, welcoming personality that just lit up the stage. This was right after her hilarious “I’m sorry to this man” viral video and of course, the interviewer asked her about it. She’s so genuine and funny and I thoroughly enjoyed her discussion. To cap off the evening, we had a cocktail hour where we mingled, exchanged contact info and learned about each other’s business endeavors.

And that wraps up Day 1! Check the Day 2 post for a million more gems — things like insights for maximizing Pinterest, an SEO overview, blog tips and so much more. Thanks so much for reading! xoxo - Ash